Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I am loving Wednesday: DC Edition

(1) casual dining spots that are "Dave-friendly"

(2) Sangria at La Tasca


(3) Neighborhood exploration and window shopping

(4) A saturday morning at eastern market (this used to include brunch at Bread and Chocolate before it closed !!)

(5) a run on the National Mall
(6) Sunday Morning Brunches!

(7) attending Grace DC on Sunday nights and Dave and I actually joining a community group since he won't be working til 10 at night anymore! (atleast not regularly)

(8) Tangy Sweet

(9) knowing that I am a 4 hr bus ride from NYC and girls weekends with a dear friend there

(10) Learning to cook on a tight budget...strangely I am very excited about this. I love challenges.  Dave and I want to be able to enjoy a meal out on the weekends so the best way to do this is to eat cheaply during the week.  It won't be gourmet, but I am so excited about learning to cook fairly healthy cheaper dishes so we can use the leftover money for a sunday brunch :)

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  1. I love this!! So excited for you guys!