Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Living

Back to a healthy lifestyle....

This may be a boring blogpost to some, so if it is, skip over it.  But, I was uber healthy until about a week and a half ago (vacation) -- not only was I on vacation, I was on vacation during a tropical depression so I couldn't run or work out much.   Its one thing to pig out, its another thing to pig out and not work out. 

So yesterday, I had my first "back to reality' day - although it wasn't such a harsh day.  I am easing back in...worked out for 50 minutes, ate healthy but didn't eat super restricted calories.  I have about 10 more pounds to lose, eh, plus maybe 2-3 more from last week (I refuse to weigh myself until I spend a week eating healthy, it will only upset me)

As I said, this post may bore those of you with perfect figures, but for those of us who have to make an effort, I would love your tips.  I was motivated by a fellow blogger who listed her healthy goals so I decided to do that too.

Here's the plan:

(1) Running/Exercise

I love exercise so this part is not that hard for me.  I like feeling productive and burning stress.

I don't necessarilly love running, I am to the point where I like running.  I am training for a marathon/maybe just another half depending on if my messed up hips can handle runs longer than 15 miles... This weekend is a 13.1 m run.  The reason is like running is that I am not exactly the best runner. It gives me a goal, something to improve on.  I feel proud when I do run a race because I know that although I am active, I am not a great runner so it was a lot of work for me.

(2) Buy a bike

I run, BF doesn't like running. So, he bought a bike and the plan was for me to buy a bike so we would have a healthy hobby together.  I was going to buy one a month ago, then had to drop 750 dollars on new tires so I put it on hold. He bikes daily and lost about 5 pounds in a few weeks.  I am excited for the new hobby with him and the additional way to burn calories. I like running, I don't LOVE something else to do will be great! 

Anyways, I get paid tomorrow and have a bike picked out!

(3) My Fitness Pal

I love my fitness pal.  I had several ppl point me in this direction and I am glad they did.  It's like weight watchers without the points-- I have the app on my phone and type in what I eat.  It helps me realize that if I eat a lot for breakfast or lunch, I will be eating a small dinner...also, I can enter my workouts in so if I have a big day---I can figure out how many calories I have to burn. Last night my dad and I went to dinner.  I knew that dinner would put me a couple hundred calories over my goal of 1000-1200 cals a day, so I entered in elliptical machine and a certain time to see how long I would have to work out that night to make it up.  LOVE it...I did the math and realized I could burn it off, so I didn't feel badly about dinner.

(4) Cut out Diet drinks

I was only drinking Spark by advocare, but accidently left it at home on vacation, SO I intend on cutting out diet drinks again this weekend and only drinking Spark.  (with a couple splurges: I always allow myself a diet drink and yummy breakfast on the day I have my long run AND if I am out and want a drink, I usually get a diet coke and vodka with a lime since its only 60 cal)  Spark is 45 cal a serving, but has caffeine and also is a slight appitite suppressant.  I have one in the morning and I am good to go, I highly suggest it!

(5) Pick better carbs

I used to eat low carb, but I can't do that and train/run. So, I eat carbs but I want to do a better job picking which ones and when I eat them.  I virtually never eat bread, but I want to cut out most processed foods ---except popcorn (I probably eat 100 cal popcorn every day at work bc it fills me up!)

(6) Allow for a few treats

I don't eat a lot of sweets but last night I was craving something sweet and had a weight watchers dessert my sister recommended. It was 90 cal and did the trick.  I decided that I am going to buy some of these frozen treats and keep it in my fridge.  I can do the occasional dessert if its only 90 cal.

I have eaten healthy for 1.5 days already and feel so much better already.  Its funny how I enjoyed our vacation food, but driving home, I was so excited to get back to a normal healthy lifestyle.

Any other tips? Good workouts or food suggestions?

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