Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacay- 10 things

A small recap of my vacation...once I get my life back in order, I will write more and catch up on life.  Boca Grande would have been great without tropical storm debbie (an unwelcome visitor) -- I spent half a day laying out. only half a day.  I do not like tanning beds (sure I went through my occasional use phase in high school, college and early law school) but for 2-3 years now, I have been a spray tan only girl.  But, i think I may go buy 5 trips to the bed -- I feel if I spent five days NOT billing to get a tan, then dang it, I want a tan. 5 sessions can't kill you right? anyways, back on topic... here's a 10 things I learned/have to share from the week.

(1) I love my family. My whole family went to the beach, cousins, aunts, uncles, and it was fun to see everyone. I have some sweet relatives that I never get to see. I enjoyed spending time in the pool and riding waves during the storm (yes I know this is dangerous) with them.

(2) I am dating the most likable guy every. He fit right in...I received several votes of affirmation, was told that 'your aunt and I voted and we give him two thumbs up" and had a few references to keeping him around. And, I agree with all of them, he gets two thumbs up from me and I plan on keeping him around for awhile.  I've dated men before that seemed insecure or like they had to try really hard. This is difficult for me because I am very outgoing and make friends easilly, so I don't understand how they don't roll with the punches.  Current BF did, and I like him even more because of it.  Seriously, I think some of my relatives may like him better than me, and thats ok!

(3) I may be outgoing, but I need alone time.  I realized that even more this wkd.  I shared a room with 5 other people (bunk room/singles room) and shared a bathroom.  If I needed a moment to think or time to talk my BF- or the one spat we had, I had to find a place to do it.  Vacations are wonderful- and I'm an extrovert, but it always makes me grateful for a day to curl up and read or watch tv when I get home.

(4) I probably gained a lot of weight. like 50 pounds. The food was delicious.  I eat 1000-1200 cals a day at home and work out tons, but this week, did not happen. I was fine with eating more at the beginning of the week because I biked and ran a lot then it got too rainy to do that.  SO, hello gym, starting tonight, we are BFF.

(5) My nephew is officially one years old and officially the most adorable toddler there is!

(6) I love my life.  As I said, I enjoyed my time away, but it was good to get back. I have plans to see several friends this wkd, canue, run, eat sushi, see a movie.  I have fabulous friends, a great church home, good family, and a wonderful bf.  I have plenty of stress in my life too, but as a whole, I have a life that its good to get home to.   That hasn't always been the case. I can remember times when reality was a frustrating thing to return to, but not now, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

(7) I love Mississippi. I have one cousin who hates MS and had a few comments about MS, conservatives, etc etc.  I love my state. I love how progressive its becoming. I love that we hold on to the good traditions and southern history and move away from the negative. I love my home and being around someone who doesn't made me even more aware how much I love the south.

(8) Fifth year of architecture school is going to be really hard.  My BF is about to start his hardest year of school. My uncle is an architect and both my uncle and my aunt (his wife) told BF and I how hard this next year will be.  I'm torn. I'm grateful 5th year is in JXN so he will live in the same city, but I am dreading the time constraints this will put on us and especially on him.  Luckilly, I have endured law school so I have some idea what this will be like, although law school is a little more organized than architecture school (no last minute projects etc)  My solution? Live the next 2 months to its fullest - and be supportive next year.  And although everyone means well when they warn him about their experiances, BF always says we will figure it out in August. How he finds time to balance school, family, me, job search, etc may be different than other people's.  Though, one piece of advice I am taking from my aunt: When you don't see him bc of projects, show up at studio with a plate of cookies :) 

(9) Boogie boarding in a tropical storm/depression -- probably not safe, but is fun!

(10) Rock of Ages was a fun movie -- I suggest going to see it!! 80s rock and a musical...whats not to love???

*** this goes without saying: sometimes life goes differently than you want, but you have to regroup and deal....that being said, I will either be laying out, going to a tanning bed or getting a spray tan this wkd !! ***

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  1. Sounds like a great vacation! I totally hear you on needing alone time. I notice that in Costa Rica when I was around the group all the time for a week, I just needed a little quiet time for myself. I figure that comes from living alone and getting used to that. for vacation weight gain. I'm right there with ya!