Friday, June 1, 2012

What I am reading Wednes.., I mean Friday

I have been an awful blogger. I will get back to it soon. Until then, a late post on some good articles....

(1) I loved this one: Today was supposed to be my Wedding Day.

This author wrote the article for the Gospel Coalition on the day she was supposed to get married after she and her fiance ended their engagement. I loved the author's words...

"Marriage and family are still the two things I want most in life, but I know that they're in God's control---not mine.... Now, I find fulfillment in God. He is my rock, the one who deserves my love and attention. While it is a daily struggle to trust him with the things I care about so deeply, he has proven that he's looking out for me. I leave my future in his hands."

She certainly has a more mature view of the situation than I did at the time, though I suspect I knew these things to be tue.  I also suspect she has many ups and downs and many days of doubt ahead of her so I keep her and hear aching heart in my prayers.  But what a true statement for anything we go through. Just change the words to say " A healthy marriage is what I want most..." or "A fulfilling career or ministry is what I want most" or "Remission from cancer is what I want most".... Leaving our future in His hands is both the scariest thing (for control freaks like myself) and most comforting thing (oh you mean I dont have to solve this??) we do.

(2) It is no secret that I love this blog by Fabs Harford because I am constantly attaching her articles to my own blog.  I loved this week's blog on being satisfied/being ok.

"This is the Gospel: our confession that we are helpless apart from His intervention. The irony of our desire for things to be okay is that ultimately - things will only turn out okay for those who have the grace to know that they need God make things okay. Things will not turn out okay for those who persist in seeking to climb their way to an eternal ‘okay’.

Every time you feel your desire for everything to turn out for your good tempt you to control or manipulate or plan, instead let that longing lead you to ask God for help. He promises that He will work every single detail of every single minute of every single day for our good if we’re in Christ.

Every moment is happening – not in spite of God’s promise to make everything turn out okay – but because of His promise that He will work everything for my good."
(3) Choose Joy.
We must choose joy. We must, if necessary, say out loud to ourselves and to God that we will rejoice in Him today.


(4) When all you can see is how bad things are.....

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