Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Midweek Confessions 2-6-13

Linking up with E, Myself and I for midweek confessions

- I get uber annoyed when people have to attack my ex fiance/engagement in relation to my current engagement.  I don't mind if its brought up. I'm not secretive about it, in fact, I try to use it for ministry purposes, but recently, I've had many people go on and on about annoying things about my ex.  The reason I don't like this (altghough I agree: I don't like my ex either) is that it kindof questions my judgment...IE, remember how horrible he was, glad you picked better this time.  It implies that there were all these warning signs I missed when truth is, hindsight is 20/20. Even the people bringing this up did not see signs because if they were really worried, they would have mentioned it.  Also, can't I enjoy the present without being reminded of the past?  Congratulate me, heck, even mention my past in a way to say, "You've been through a lot, I am glad God has been faithful."  Glad to get that off my chest, but even so, I try to look at this through a more positive lens...what people are trying to say is they love me and support me and are happy for me.

- I am an old lady now. I can't handle crowds.  I went to the gym after work yesterday (I usually go later).  It was too crowded so I just drove away and said I would come later (and I really did).  Too many people!

-Last week, I must have been half asleep when I dressed because I went to work with black pants, a navy striped top and a green cardigan.

-My get skinny for our wedding diet is going ok, not great.  I am eating a lot less and maybe 6 pounds down but I need to be more dilligent.  I think its going to take me maknig a very strict meal plan and packing all food and snacks for the day when I go to work.  Sadly, this is a happy time and not that I want to pig out, but I do not want to limit wine and sweets at parties etc.

- I started Tennis. I am bad, but not the worst in my class!

-I ordered new bedding. Its still on its way (30 by 30 goal: check)  One of the pillows has a deer head on it (I blame Dave)

Any Confessions for you? Join in the fun.

PS-- I have been doing a lot of pinterest-y things including recipes and workouts.  I will do a Pinterest post soon!

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  1. Ugh...I'm with you on crowds, especially at the gym!

    I'm excited to see your new bedding! I'm still working on finding the duvet that I want to mark that off my 30 by 30 list.