Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Most Romantic Place in the World

Do y'all watch the Mindy Show?  I do and it's so funny and although she's a bit crazy, I think most single 20-30 something gals can relate to her attempt to balance work, friends and dating....and her desire to meet someone.  In this week's episode, Mindy was trying to make a romantic moment happen at the Empire State building because many romantic moments happen there (in her opinion, based on chick flicks) Mindy believed the Empire State Building to be the most romantic place in the world.  In fact, she would occasionally hang out in the lobby, hoping to meet someone.

Her friend took her to this hole in the wall pizza joint (with the worst pizza in the city) where he had his first date with his wife and said this:

"The most romantic place in the world, you don't know it's going to be romantic ahead of time."


You can't plan these things.  I spent 3+ hours talking to the cutest guy in a hamburer joint last January.  I still smile every time we eat there or when I drive past.  I knew he was the one at a gas station in Meadville, MS (I believe they have just one gas station) and I'm tempted to stop there every time I drive by.  I love movies.  I think because for us, the movies have become this fun place where we can sit together for 2 hours and hold hands-- when you date long distance, you miss those things so on Saturdays, we loved it.  So it seems silly and unromantic, but some of my fav times with Dave are sitting next to him and chatting during the previews.  I love Dave's parents living room because I would try to visit him once every other week (mid-week) and after they went to bed, I remember curling up on the couch and watching tv and talking and having a few minutes alone.  I have many happy memories and a couple different ponds where we went fishing this spring, (yes, I went fishing, hard to believe)

We do actually have a couple true "romantic-y" the MS river and a field in Church Hill. When we had just been dating for a few weeks/month, I was in Natchez for work and decided to stay for a dinner date with Dave.  Afterwards, we walked by the MS river.  We actually drove across to the Louisiana side because they have swings and talked and kindof mad our feelings clear.  We both remember that spot with such fondness that we've gone back a few times. One of my favorite spots with Dave is this field in the country where we went to talk and have drinks and had our first kiss.  In fact, I can't wait to go sit under the stars and the same truck this spring.

No Empire State Building.  A few romantic spots: star lit skies, sitting by the river...but mostly, happy moments happen in ordinary places.  And that's been the case in most of mine and my friends' relationships. You can't just make these things happen. 

So, where are your unromantic yet romantic places??? Anything off beat and different? Anything Ordinary?

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  1. Haha, love this! So true. David and I have an unromantic, yet romantic, spot near the new Auburn Medical center - for some reason there was an old tree fort that David and I would go to to talk when we were dating. He proposed there and we laugh because he proposed near a water drainage ditch on the side of Duncan Dr - which sounds almost horrible! But it was our spot!