Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

My name is Katy. I live in Jackson, MS and I LOVE: family, good friends, sushi, bbq, shag dancing, costume parties, christmas, good movies, how i met your mother, J Crew, froyo, margaritas, white wine, front porches, all things southern, SEC football, AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Oxford MS, travelling, good sermons, my roomates, my NEPHEW JACK, first kisses, fall, Mississippi, pizza, learning to cook, cupcakes, weddings, fancy restaurants, hole in the wall restaurants, CS Lewis, Anthropologie, NAVY BLUE, anything preppy, monnograms, plans, long conversations, working out, adoption, Washington DC, musicals, chocolate, key lime pie.

BASICS- 27 years old, Auburn Alum, Ole Miss Law School Alum, Presbyterian, family oriented, practicing attorney, incredible friends, amazing family, outgoing, honest to a fault at times, fiercely loyal, oldest of 4, most adorable nephew in the world, great brother in law, athletic, encouraging, sometimes glass half empty regarding my own life, learning to trust God with my whole life because I am a planner and surrendering is hard, party planner, peppy, mostly cheerful, GROWING, preppy, SOUTHERN, conservative but openminded.

Literally, one of my most recent pictures because this was from our Halloween party this past weekend. I was Jackie, my roomate was Marilyn and our friend Steven was JFK. This is us fighting over steven, he must have loved it! :)

15 facts:

1. I have been to 15 countries other than the US.

2. I ran a half marathon in summer 2010.

3. My dad and I are training for a mini triathlon.

4. I love hosting parties. I love parties. I love themes. I love holidays. I love costumes. I generally love having a reason to celebrate, so if you want someone to help you celebrate your 100th book read or a random european holiday, call me, I am so in!

5. I like to bake more than I like to cook.

6. I have the best group of seriously, I doubt you could top me. I have always had good friends, but I have never had a group as amazing (individual amazing friends for sure, but not a whole group) as I do now.

7. My nephew is going to be football star, I'm brainwashing him to love SEC football -- it began with me making marley put the phone on her belly when she was preggers and saying things like war eagle and hotty toddy.

8. Navy is my black. I wear it as my basic color the same way other women wear black or bown.

9. I went to the National Championship game in January 2011. My sweet daddy took me and it was the happiest day of my life.

10. My heart is adoption. I would love to start working in adoption one day and adopt beautiful babies from all over the world!

11. I love country music.

12. I look the exact same as I did as an infant. I'm not lying. To me, my nephew has already changed so much, most children do...they don't grow up to look the way you think they will when they are babies. If you look at my baby pictures, you will see that I am exactly the same, only older.

13. Speaking of looks, I am the only dark eyed, dark haired, dark skinned kid in my family...I look like my grandmother, grandfather and uncles. My mom thought that all her babies would be dark haired like me (since the dark genes won out on me) but it turns out that they are all blond hair blue/green eyed. I'm kindof the odd ball.

14. My mom made Christmas the best time for us -- lots of traditions, lots of memories, etc. My sister and I have discussed how we could never compete with what we have experianced when raising our kids. This is why I love Christmas so much....thank you Mamma K.

15. I wouldn't be sad if the NBA never reconciled and settled and we were without basketball for a season.

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