Monday, September 26, 2011

Blessings and advice....

This weekend was perfect. Sushi dinner and girls night on friday - laughing, storytelling, wine and cookies. The saturday, I went walking with my roomate in the cooler weather then had a chili and football date before heading to a local art show at Welty Commons. Sunday I had church, lunch with a friend, a walk with another friend, cleaning and small group with my precious 12th grade girls...and thought crossed my mind: If I were married, I wouldn't be doing all of this.

This does not mean I still don't want to get married. It doesn't mean I won't still do some of these things when I am married. But it does mean that there are blessings to be found even in trials, right?

I know people who are trying to have children right now. And as hard as every failed pregnancy test and friend's shower may be, I hope they also see the joy in being able to have date night with eachother or travel or have a clean living room. Thats exactly how I feel right now -- there are blessings in the meantime. I doubt I look back and regret girls nights, fun dates, ministry opportunities, travelling because I am single.

So, for now I will cherish wine and laughter in my living room that only comes from a group of single friends gathering to discuss work drama, dating drama and other funny stories. What an incredible blessing Lord, thank you.

Also, ADVICE....

in a little over a month, I have a gala to go to...I would like a fun cocktail dress to wear (nothing too pricy, preferably under 200 dollars) -- I want it to be fitted (since I lost weight) but appropriate -- any advices of online stores? I am of course checking out nordstroms and macys but any other suggestions?? Thanks ladies for your advice. Its my one really big event each year so I'd like to look great!

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  1. Have you seen the new Lilly dresses for Fall? SUPER cute! I have a few dresses from White House/Black Market....Lord and Taylor had some very pretty dresses (was there last night)...
    But seriously, check out Lilly's new line...very pretty!