Monday, September 12, 2011

a change...

I encourage y'all all to glance at this blog (Peace Love and Ramen) that my friend started... on singleness.... (gulp, are we even allowed to blog about it?) No offense to all the mommy blogs out there, but it has long seemed okay to speak about every aspect of family and married life on the internet (including a few blogs where I have even seen intimate relationships talked about....obviously these are not MY friends or I think for their own sakes, I would have called them out in person a long time ago) but actually talking about singleness on a blog, good and bad, was seen as too vulnerable, too open with struggles... I just disagree. I think its a different struggle, but one just the same.

My goal in blogging was always to start a singles blog...not like a singles agenda blog (b/c goodness knows my agenda is not to remain single or promote singleness) - but an honest look at the good, bad and ugly of single. There are singles sites out there but they are all about encouragement and verses...I have long wanted to do a blog (or see someone start one) that dealt with the good and bad of the single years... wondering who you are going to sit with at church, breakups, etc. but also girls nights, travelling, and the time to have figured out who we are first. It could be humor and encouragement, all in one, like other good blogs are :)

My friend starting the above referenced blog that she considers a fun singles blog motivated me to actually start making my blog what I want. Dont worry, this wont be a sobfest (because my life isnt all bad or anything)...BUT I think I will be a little more honest about singleness, dating (though I will still be somewhat secretive about this in case the boys I date ever read this!), encouragement, etc. Seing as I already write about my life and I am single, not much will change except for my honesty about things.. I hope y'all like the changes...

However, I must disagree with her on one thing -- even in singleness, you get to a stage where you do not have to eat Ramen anymore :)

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