Friday, September 2, 2011

SUYL: Favorite Blogs

I am linking up with "Show Us Your Life" at Kelly's Korner today to share my favorite blogs

Track'em Tigers - auburn football
Saturdays down South - sec football
The south will Blog again - humorous, sec, but author is an ole miss fan so slightly ole missed biased - this is not a blog, exactly, but its lots of articles on SEC/auburn
Taylor Tailgates - a blog about college football tailgates and traditions. I especially love the post on Auburn and Ole Miss :)

Mary Grace - a friend from childhood
Design Sponge - great ideas- some are doable, some aren't! (atleast for me!)

Singles/20 somethings/young professionals
Unlocking Femininity - a focus on biblical womanhood, relationship/dating/singleness/etc of young adulthood. I don't always agree with them but usually I do.
Boundless - focus on the family's blog, there are some really really conservative people who comment on this blog, but many of the articles are good
Fast Pray - a group of singles who pray and fast each week for a marriages; the article posted each week is usually very good
Fabs Harford - my favorite. This is a 30 year old church employee in Austin Texas who is relatable yet honest and willing to say the hard stuff. Yet, she has been there - struggles, sins, hardships, so you want to listen to her.
No Regrets Singles - just found this blog. Its okay.

Christian Encouragement
Andree Seu - writes for World Magazine. Her daily online column is the best.
The Blazing Center - yankee preachers (father and son) who write great blogposts, oftentimes about waiting, prayer, contentment. One is also an author.
Challies - religious/theological blog
Rachel Held Evans - she is way more liberal than I am but some of the stuff she talks about is true. Take her in balance...
Gospel Coalition - yes I am a reformed nerd...Lots of blog posts (different authors - look under the blogs section)
Andrea Lucado - Max Lucado's daughter, about my age, so I enjoy reading her encouraging blog posts.

For fun/people
Chad Gibbs - author of 'God and Football'
John Acuff - has a blog called stuff Christians like where he makes fun of things about Christian culture, but his serious wednesday posts are the best.
James Camden Sikes - a college/camp friend's son who was diagnosed with a rare tumor and died a month or so ago...her honesty is touching and reading the blog reminds me of my blessings and to keep praying for her.
Kelly's Korner - of course! since I am linking to her!

What are your favorite blogs? Especially design/christian blogs? I would love to know more!


  1. thanks for the mention and for enjoying my blog!

    - Southern Blogger (Mark)

  2. Thanks for all the great blog ideas! :) I became a follower of your blog! :) Erin