Friday, September 16, 2011

SUYL Friday: Favorite devos/studies

This week I am linking up to Kelly's Korner to tell you some of my favorite Christian devotional resources.... Some of my favorite christian encouragement books/devos

(1) We did this for our small group girls when they were 11th graders. It was not so applicable to them, but it was to us. (We didnt pick the book out. There were some great resources so we adjusted our lessons to apply to them) The book says a lot to women, particularly single women. I also LOVE how this book tells us what women can do to serve, not just focusing on what we can't do in church. As there have been some changes in my sunday school class where the singles (particularly single women) have been pushed to the younger kids class and we have wondered what role we have, at all, my small group co-leader said rereading this book was encouraging that God has a use for women and single women. I may go back and reread myself!

(2) My Utmost for His Highest -- my all time favorite. Ozzie C speaks what I need to hear daily.

(3) Jesus Calling - I know this book is contreversial and usually when something is questioned, I stay away, but I find the words encouraging and often times reminding me to rely on Christ not myself...I do not take it as "god-breathed" as the author nearly claims BUT I do think it is based on scriptures.

(4) My Sr Girls small group at church is working through the screwtape letters for our weekly lesson and I am enjoying it. We are trying to teach the girls how satan reaches for them in even the smallest areas-- last week we focused on tone of voice, gestures, family relations, etc. My hope is that they go to college AWARE that the devil is working against them, being willing to spot his grasp on them in the large areas (sex, drugs, etc) and small ones (cheating on homework, gossiping, judgmentalness)

(5) Few books have ever reached me like this book has. Once again, it is not a devotional BUT the chapers can be read one and a time nightly. After my engagement ended years ago, I read this (probably 18 months after) and I have reread it so so so so many times since then.

(6) I am the eldest brother discussed in this book. I get irritated that I did everything right yet life doesn't always work out for me while those that I assume are misbehaving more than I am get everything. This book helped show me my sin too, but at the same time that it scolded me, it also seemed to take the part of me that thought I could earn God's favor and point me to a God whose favor could never be earned (by me, atleast!) and who loved me despite my failures.
Also, not a devo, just an amazing Christian book.

(7) There is so much in each chapter of this it one chapter at a time. My favorite is the chapter on waiting, on Larius.

(8) I love The Beautiful Ache. Its not a devotional but the chapters are split to where sometimes I'll read one before bed. Once again, I read this in the aftermath of my engagement and have suggested it to friends ever since then. such an encouraging book.

(9) I oftentimes begin my workday with a devotional.. Here are some of my online favorites:

(10) I also have listed several Christian/Singles/Young Twenty Something Sites that oftentimes point to Christ for me, although not a daily reading or devotional. You can find that list here.

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