Friday, September 23, 2011

SUYL: 20Something Fashion

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner blog to tell my favorite places to shop for 20somethings.

I love clothes...I am having to learn to buy attractive clothes for work (lots of straight dresses, pencil skirts AND suits) BUT I also occasionally get to buy a fun sundress like this one below...

I classify my wardrobe into three categories: 1) Work clothes 2) "fun clothes" --Girls night out and date clothes and 3) gameday clothes (making sure I have enought orange and blue in my wardrobe)

I also need church clothes but I never buy with that intention as many fun clothes and work clothes overlap into church clothes.

Gameday dress by Judith March.


1. Online Discount sites..... RueLaLa and Ideeli

The way these two sites work is you sign up and then every day at ten they have different designer shops open. I buy a lot of clothes from here. Last year I got a Lily dress for 80 dollars. Some days they have sales I like and somedays they don't. You may need an invitation to join. if so, comment with your email address and I will try to send you one. I have gotten a LOT of work suits there.

2. I love this online store from the UK:
Boden. Some stuff is too grown up for me BUT there is a bunch of cute stuff that works for me. I like to wear Boden because most of my friends don't SO they won't have the same things I do....

3. I love the classics:
J. Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Ann Taylor, and Anthropologie. My favorite store is Anthro. I walk straight to their sale racks because some of their stuff is pricy but most of the time you get good quality products :)

4. I really like
Altar'd State. I LOVE that the whole concept of the store is to have affordable stylish MODEST clothing (owned by Christians, closed on sundays). This is only a southern store (started in Tennessee I think) but they do have a website.

5. For game day clothes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE
Judith March. The dress at the top is one of my gameday finds.

I want to wear skinny jeans since they are in style and slimming but some pairs make you look poured into your pants. I buy my skinny jeans at Ann Taylor Loft and I get the curvy brand...curvy at the top but skinny legs....

My sister, Marley, swears by gap straight legs. They aren't skinny per se so you don't feel they are tight but they are fitted enough that you can tuck into your boots.

If you have to, buy a size up or keep looking til you find the brand that works for you...Nothing looks worse than skinny jeans that are too tight and show too much at the waistline...nobody wants to see booty, nobody.

(**I have no idea if these items are currently on sale at either store, but I know that both constantly get new jeans in. I found these jeans to be the most stylish adult jean option there is so I would check it out.***)

Also, never wear a tight top with tight jeans. This should go without saying. One looser item, one more fitted.


  1. Yay! I got a shout out! And yes, real straight jeans from gap are amazing!