Monday, September 19, 2011

This is the day

God has a day for you.

I read this article and it hit home with a simple truth I often forget -- God has each day planned. When I have a fender bender and dent my bumper (last week), that day was planned. When the boy I was dating last fall hurt me badly and my heart was breaking, that day was planned -- as was the day I met him. When a baby refuses to come on its due date and comes late, or even worse, comes too early, that day is planned. The day I got a job offer, that day was planned. The Lord is in charge of each and every day.

God knows which day the suffering comes and which day it ends. As the author says, if you are suffering (or waiting), today could be the last day of your stress and hardship, you never know...and even if it doesn't end today, the Lord knows when it will. Every day is planned.

Doesn't that make today sound exciting? Today, I could meet a new friend, or do something great at work, or meet the man I will marry, or hear/read a verse/quote/etc. that changes my view on the World. Today, like every day, the Lord has planned how he will change my life- and how he will change yours- with good and bad things.

I also find it hopeful because I'll never know when the days he will bless me immensely are. I won't wake up one morning and say "Today I will meet the man I will marry" or "Today I will meet an amazing friend" or "Today I will stumble across an important message or this friend will tell me some piece of good news" But, any day, that could happen. Any day, God is working. And even when the news is bad or the heart is broken or the friend abandons, those days God is working as well.

This is the day that the Lord has made, every day is the day He has made.

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  1. Great post Katy! Just what I needed to hear today :)