Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I love Tuesday

Things I am loving right now....

1. Jackson Restaurant Week.... like every other major city, we now have a restaurant week where the restaurants have discounts and special menues and everyone partakes...Have we finally arrived? (the answer is no, but its a step in the right direction..)

So maybe a girls night or if I am lucky, a fun date?? Why not both? I have all week!

2. Spending my saturdays here... I LOVE Auburn, I would rather attend a game in Jordan Hare stadium than be almost anywhere else in the world...BUT I love tailgating in the grove even more than tailgating at Auburn. (Why cant I tailgate in Oxford and go to a game in Auburn??) Maybe because I literally have 2 decades of memories there and my family and friends are all there...but to me, it represents football season.

3. Skinny Girl Margarita...fun summer treat, less calories

4. My new Auburn skirt, making its debut this week at the Auburn Clemson party at my house...and making its Auburn debut at either the UF or OM game...

5. This quote stolen from a friend off facebook. I find it encouraging in my singleness but also in other areas of life where I might let others (mainly, Satan) make me feel not good enough...I am sure y'all can relate.

"What circumstances do you find yourself in today? Give thanks and pray without ceasing. For as we keep our eyes on him and praise Him in all circumstances, we silence the Accusor (the good, the happy, the hard, the confusing, the horrifying), the one who exists to blame God for not being good and blame us for not being good enough."

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