Thursday, August 16, 2012

1000 things to be thankful for: #151-160

Catching up on my 1000 blessings! So much to be thankful for, big or small

151. a fun night with my roomie watching Pride and Prejudice and catching up
152. icy hot (running injuries are killing me!)
153. Dave moved last weekend so I have an in town BF
154....and in town BF who has a pool and hot tub. (I mean, I was considering dumping him but now that I have a pool/hot tub to visit, I'll stay! haha)
155. Janie's Bakery in brookhaven -- delicious treats and when ordering lingerie cookies for a shower I am hosting, I discovered that their cookies were less than half the price of the Jackson competiters!
156. Advocare Spark -- think caffenated crystal light/kool-aid.  I am trying to quit drinking diet coke all the time and this helps!
157. Hobby Lobby (seriously, don't you feel motivated to be super crafty every time you walk in that store?)
158. Sisters Weekend in Baton Rouge this weekend...dinner and movie with my two favorite girls and snuggling with my Jack Attack
159. friends who celebrate eachother's birthdays (sometimes this gets ignored when you are single, but tonight we are celebrating my friend.  I am so glad we do this for eachother!)
160. Cable tv...I love being able to watch football
161. weight watchers ice cream bars
162. Suntans. I love sun-kissed skin, makes you look happy!
163.  Sportsmanship. We got to see this several times during the Olympics and it made me happy.
164. Babalus.  I love their guac and tacos, can't wait to eat some tonight!
165.  wedding showers.  Such a treat to rejoice with dear friends.

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