Thursday, August 9, 2012

Her Dear Bridegroom's Face, Take 2

Ironically enough, right after I published this post yesterday on Weddings, God's Provision, and the Gospel, I clicked on another blog to read this post. I encourage you to check this article out as well. Here's a bit of what the author had to say:

"As I walked toward my future husband, everything faded besides what was ahead of us. The past didn't matter, old qualms disappeared. The only thing that existed between our locked eyes was love, forgiveness, peace and this exuberant excitement for the future like I have never experienced. Although this moment was beautiful, it passed. We have been married a month, and some days there is more between our locked eyes — frustration, anger and that look of "you seriously thought those dishes go there?" We are human, incapable of perfection. We will strive every single day, but those moments will always come and go.

Yet Christ, who is perfect, will always welcome us into His arms, resentment-, anger- and frustration-free. That walk toward Steve on our wedding day will now always carry a reminder of 1) God's sweet grace that allowed that moment and 2) God's love that begs me to walk toward Him in that way each and every day, abandoning the past and running toward a future with Him.

Think you have slipped too far out of Christ's reach? Think again. The Redeemer of the universe is begging you to enter into a marriage with Him. He welcomes you with fervor, that of a groom welcoming his bride. Although we are completely undeserving, He desires us, pursues us and has great plans for our life with Him. Just ask Him.

Not married but want to be? Envision that moment. Squint your eyes, try to see him/her, and spend some time in prayer for that person you cannot yet see. Pray for him/her. Pray he/she is making wise choices and pray that God can keep your hearts, minds and bodies pure until you meet.

Not married and feel like you have made mistakes too great to enter into a blessed union? You have never traveled too far out of the reach of God's grace. You can never back away into a corner dark enough where God's light cannot shine. He is there; He is waiting and desiring your return. Pray for redemption, purity and peace. God restores. Also pray for your future spouse that he/she may know God's grace. No relationship begins in perfection, but God can redeem, purify and make beautiful out of what we have ruined."

I'm such a goober, but as I said yesterday. I love when weddings point us to Christ.  Ceremonies and Sacraments and all things formal and official are supposed to serve as a reminder of the great story of the gospel.

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