Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bachelorette Fiesta!!

My sweet friend Sarah is getting married in a few weeks...this weekend we had a mexican themed bachelorette fiesta for her....starting with dinner at SOMBRA and ending with margs, gifts, games, and mexican snacks at my house.

Some tips on throwing a good bachelorette party:
1. Pick a theme and carry it through
2. Keep it classy (no need to be filthy like some parties are)....
3. but also add a couple "sexy" elements....but just a couple will go a long way.
4. Drinks -  its a bachelorette party, after all! but one cocktails if fine, not several options...
5.  Do a portion of the event out and a portion at your house.  (AKA, don't make the poor girl open up gifts in a restaurant!)

Here are some pics from our evening!

Sarah examining the decorations.

The Bride to Be and me

Sarah wearing her sombrero veil at the restaurant.

The drinks table.

We named all the foods...edible underwear....

and Passion Fruit

Flowers in the living room.


Favors....based on the popular country song.

Sarah swinging at the pinata

Decorations and gifts

Bra and Panties cookies from JANIES bakery

The hostesses with the bride to be

The food Table

The pinata

The wreath on my door -- with Sarah's new initial!

Katie wearing the pinata as a costume

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  1. Wow!! This bachelorette party really looks amazing and bride-to-be looks very beautiful. Want to throw my friend a surprise bachelorette party at one of NYC venues as she is getting married in next week. Hope will be able to arrange everything wonderful.