Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recent Photos....

A few pictures from the past few weeks......

2 weekends ago, I went to the Neshoba County Fair. It is one of the last political fairs in America where Ronald Reagan started his campaign years ago.  But its more than just political speeches, its concerts (mostly country artists or course!), traditional fair activities like rides, games and livestock shows, art sales, horse races, a triathlon, etc. 

Even more unique is that the fairgrounds have cabins all around the fairgrounds where people literally move for a week or two. Cabins have bottom floors of kitchens, porches, family areas, and second and sometimes third floors full of beds where 10, 15, 20, more people spend sleep.

There's lots of music, lots of cabin hopping, lots of food and drinks, lots of good times., late nights and late mornings, fun kid activities, etc. Its so much fun.  Here is a pic of roomie and me before the U.S. concert (U.S. is a fun cover band that is popular in the South) Saturday night.

Last weekend, Dave surprised me with sweet. Did I mention he moves in 2 days? I'm so excited. Someone asked me if he was coming to town this weekend or if I was traveling to see him...and I responded neither, he will live in Jackson as of Friday :)

Also, Jack Attack started his new daycare. He already has a girlfriend...she's older (18 months) and an Auburn fan.  Hmmm, I guess he likes two older AU fans :) The boy has good taste, what can I say? Anyways I miss the booger but am planning a Baton Rouge trip next weekend to snuggle with him (or more like chase him around since he is such a busy body now!) Here he is for the first day of "school".

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  1. That fair sounds so fun! I'm a huge Reagan fan, so I'm jealous. :)