Friday, August 24, 2012

Missions Series #3: ALMOST THERE

Please read this post from the Bonhams and Kines.

They are almost there.  COMBINED, the two families have $600 left. A couple weeks ago, it was around $1500 left for the entire team.  As the post points out, thats 12 monthly pledges of $50 or 24 monthly pledges of $25.  I posted about the Bonhams a few days ago and continue to encourage you to pray about giving.

The great news is that since they are so close to 100%, they have been approved to leave for Columbia in a month. I urge you to be praying for them this month as they prepare.  And continue to pray about giving (to them or other missionaries) -- $25, $50 requires only a few sacrafices a month so even those on tight budgets can afford something small to support God's work in other countries or our own country.

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