Friday, March 9, 2012

Behaving in love

Check out this article on behaving in love v. being in love.

I am not married (thus the reason for my single lady blog...) but I found this article encouraging. One of the greatest problems in relationships (and I think one of the biggest fears of my generation in getting into relationships) is that people think you have to feel "in love" all the time.  Sometimes you don't and you have to work at it. Sometimes you act in love when you don't feel that way, and sometimes you act that way and then the feelings follow.

Love is feelings and actions...and sometimes not all together.  (and sometimes all together) But the point is, when you say those vows, you are preparing for those days...for better or worse-- ie, some days you will annoy me or I'll be angry or you will be insensitive or we will go through a hard time and have to work hard at being close...FOR BETTER OR WORSE. behaving in love.

It seems society is lacking this level of commitment in all relationships-- friendships, family, etc  but most importantly in marriage.  Anyways, I don't have any wise words to add, just that I agree with this article and wanted to pass it along!!

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