Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thankful for -- I hit 100!

70. Grace.  I don't know if its because of Easter or just my age, but I have been focusing more and more on grace lately. I've been discouraged by my sin, but not as defeated as it used to make me feel. SO thankful I do not have to be perfect, that when I fail, He still loves me.
71. went to a wedding this weekend of 2 sweet friends. I love seeing two God-fearing people who honored him get married.
72. my lunchtime workouts -- makes me feel I did something "for me" during the day
73. new episode of new girl tonight
74. having a place to stay when I am in Brookhaven -- it's nice to not always have to commute so long to work so staying at my parents house a couple nights a week is fun.
75. early bedtimes -- admit it, you occasionally like to take an early night too!
76. Sweet letters in the mail
77. suntans
78. when God works it out for you to read the Bible verse or devotional you NEEDED to hear at the exact right moment.
79. Books on CD- make my commute more fun!
80. porch swings
81. Fresh Seafood
82. Picnics -- my small group girls and I have one planned for this weekend!
83. My upcoming trip to Oxford for baseball games
94. my little sister found a roomate for Ole Miss-- a girl I know from my small group. I am so excited the Lord provided a godly fun roomate for each of them!
95. Doctors.  My poor roomate is in her first year of residency and I barely ever see her. It made me so grateful that there are men and women who are willing to work so hard and train so hard to take care of us.
96. my roomate Constance. She help me put together my new bedframe!
97. having a new bedframe
98. I am starting to plan my new bedroom and I am having so much fun with that. Thankful to have the ability to slowly put together a room
99. Thankful for showers. My shower is currently broken. My handyman BF promises to replace it next time he is in town. Taking baths this past month has reminded me how much I like showers too
100. Baths -- taking baths all month instead of showers has reminded me that sometimes its good to slow down long enough for a relaxing bath!

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