Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful for..

41. sugarfree snowcones-- such a treat when you are dieting.
42. clean laundry
43. date night tickets to see the hunger games
44. my brother Blaise who turned 22 today (lucky to have one boy in our house full of girls!)
45. bright colors
46. relaxing night last night- caught up with roomie, did laundry, and watched tv (calm nights are rare for me!)
47. an Easter dress my mom brought me home from Boston
48. feeling the pain the day after lifting weights! YOU KNOW ITS WORKING :)
49. Paris
50. pencil skirts
51. Blaise Family Beach Reunion...counting down
52. smocked dresses on little girls
53. pink painted nails
54. making homemade donuts with my nan
55. ansley's prom dress (seriously, she has two prom dresses, for two proms, and the long one is so elegant, if i was as tall as her, I would wear it) She is going to be gorgeous....

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