Monday, March 12, 2012

Thankful for.... 15-30

16. Spring weather
17. Sermons that point to the gospel
18. my friend Avery (its her birthday today!)
19. manicures and pedicures
20. good talks
21. sleep
22. chocolate chip pound cake
23. a weekend in the country
24. sunday dinners with family or friends
25. a job to go to each morning
26. Satudays
27. holding hands
28. Christmas trees
29. cell phones so we can keep in touch with family easier
30. navy blue (one of my favorite colors!)

**Apparently there is a blog post on how to do a gratefulness list (of 1000 things) -- so I plan on reading it this week and might be changing the format of my list! But the point remains the same: find small things (or big things) to be grateful for daily.

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