Thursday, March 29, 2012

"What I'm reading" Wednesday (or Thursday) and a Phone Photo Dump

Usually I point to some good articles on Wednesday, but I was too busy confessing yesterday so I forgot. So here are a few Thursday articles.

Here's a good article on hope...not just eternally, but now.

When God doesn't give you a plan... learning to trust His plan even when you don't see it at the time.

10 things to tell teenage girls...and actually ten things we could all probably benefit from!

Also, I realize my blog has become very boring -- no pictures! So here is an iphone dump from the past couple months!

At our friends' wedding....

Learning to fish like a real Mississippi Girl..... (yes I know this is not how you hold the fish, but I was just holding it up in a victory pose for the picture)

Charity Ball Preparty....

Mardi the rain...

Nola Aquarium (since it rained most of mardi gras)...

At the governor's ball...

1 comment:

  1. Great photos!!

    And thanks for your comments on my blogs.

    First off, I agree--we do have a lot in common, just living in different parts of the country! This is why I love blogging!!

    Second, how interesting about your take on The Help! I love that you live in Jackson. I really did enjoy the parts of the book where you would see the "good" side of Jackson, versus the "bad" side (i.e. Celia and her husband saying Minny would always have a job with them for what she did and Lourvenia's boss saying that she was the only thing that got her through the days). Interesting read for sure!!

    Have a great evening!