Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 years ago #2

The other day, I wrote a list of advice for graduating seniors about college and their twenties, but I left an important piece of advice out.

#13 College/Grad School/ Med school/ etc may not be for you.

I am sure a lot of parents would disagree with me, but truthfully, college isn't for everyone.  I think it is for most successful people, I think it gives you some good basics, but its not for everyone. I dated a very smart guy who had attended a top high school then quit college during his freshman year. He owned a successful business.  So, maybe you go that route.  Maybe you will own a business or be a tradesman or work in missions.  Maybe you will do something for a few years then go to college. Maybe you will raise babies.

There are good reasons not to go to college. But, there is one reason that isn't a good excuse: laziness.   If you don't go to college, don't let it be because you are lazy and don't want to work.  If you decide to go straight into opening up your own business or getting training in a trade or as a hair stylist, work just as hard.  If you raise babies, goodness knows, thats hard work.  Don't not go to college to stay at home, rent free, working part time and watching tv.  Whatever you do, whether its the traditional path or the nontraditional path, do it well.

I feel I needed to add that because I made it sound like college was the only way.  True, college is the path for a lot, and in some areas, for most people...but its not the path for everyone. It doesn't make those who take the less traditional path any less hardworking and important. (in some cases, they will have to work harder)

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