Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek Confessions 5-16-2012

Time for MIDWEEK CONFESSIONS!!! E, Myself and I is taking a break from midweek confessions....but I decided to confess anyways!

  • I am sometimes so clueless with men, even my own BF, that I bought the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"  -- so, the book was written in the 90s but thats about how slow I am on most trends...and how outdated my dating techniques are :)
  • Two nights ago, I was on the elliptical machine with a zipup the front sports bra....which clearly I had not zipped all the way up and I realized that as it zipped the remainder of the way down about 20 minutues into my workout.  I, of course, had a shirt on top of my sports bra (not one to workout in shorts and cropped sports bra) BUT I still made a quick trip to the bathroom!
  • I bought a cinderella "3 pack" dvd set from walmart last night for ansley, but lets be honest, I am just as excited about watching these ABC family movies.
  • I am dieting/watching what I eat and working out and I have been using "My Fitness Pal" app-- I get extreme enjoyment over making sure I am under my calorie allotment each day. It is like a game, if I eat this, don't eat this. If I eat both, I must burn this many calories.  I am sure the excitement of the game will wear off and it will just be a diet.
  • on another diet note, I am a compulsive scale if I am going to drop 5 pounds a day or something!
  • I switched allergy medicines because I heard Clariton D has the side effect of not being hungry.  My thought was, well if thats true, and I have to take allergy meds anyways.....
  • This Friday night I have date night, no family time, no event or obligation. I am sure I will hang out with friends but I can't decide what I want to do.....I am almost drunk on my feelings of freedom! (Saturday I have a wedding -- still fun, but an obligation nonetheless)
  • I'm old. My firm just added a dental plan to our benefits and that is the highlight of my month.


  1. LOVE LOVE days "off"...same with us this Friday!
    In two weeks, Dan heads to AZ and I get back from Florida. I think I have that Sunday OPEN! Love love it!

  2. Did Disney release Cinderella on DVD/BlueRay?! if so, that made my week. I've been known to check the scale after peeing {water's heavy} and dental plans are a BIG deal!