Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midweek Confessions 5-23-2012

Linking up with E, Myself, and I for weekly confessions......

- I have a new slip that I LOVE.  This is amazing because normally I hate slips. They are always made out of that nasty cheap fabric and they are lose and billowy and way to long. You have to wear the waist at your bra line just so it doesn't show....I know all of you are nodding your heads because you know.  I always avoided dresses where I had to wear slips. I would wear spanks or tights or anything to avoid a slip. But I just bought a new slip thats fitted and has straps and lace on it. Its pale pink and so pretty. It looks like a fancy night gown not a slip and now I am obsessed. I feel like a grown up because I will wear a slip!

- Because i have this new slip, I have tried to plan my wardrobe so that I can wear it, which is a change of pace. I had a wedding Saturday night and almost changed dresses just so I could wear it. I am sure the newness will wear off, but for now, I am excited to wear dresses that I used to avoid because of the slip issue.

- I just discovered that I was typing in "200 calories" instead of "140 calories" into for my favorite meal replacement/snack bar.  I was so excited because thats an extra 60 calories I can eat (or not eat, but atleast they are there if I want them!) and sometimes I eat two bars a day when I am busy at work, so thats 120 extra calores!  Thats a bag of single serve popcorn and some carrots!! Does this make me a fatty that I am so excited about extra food.  If so, I don't care.

-Yesterday I went to target to buy a yoga mat and bathing suit. Instead I left with a work dress,blazer and colored jeans.  I got halfway back to my house and thought "why did I got to target again?"  The dress and blazer are adorable and perfect work attire, but I am returning it.  I am trying to lose weight so if I lose 10 more pounds, it will be too loose, plus I want to splurge on a JCrew bathing suit.  Priorities right? However, I am keeping the colored jeans.  It is so hard to find colored skinny jeans for girls with a booty!  I've been looking but they are all super tight (probably because 12 year olds wear colored skinny jeans, NOT 28 year olds, but whatever...) However, tip to any readers with some currently has jeans/colored jeans that are curvy skinny jeans (straight legs but not to tight at the waist and hips) for 24 dollars.

-While at Target, I tried on bathing suits. VOMIT I looked bad.  Not horribly big, just not very firm.  I am busting my booty daily eating little and working out 45 plus minutes SO here's hoping that a month from now, when I am at the beach, I will be 10 pounds smaller.  If not, I will be rocking the one piece.  and possibly the granny skirt.

-Yesterday I didn't have time to run before dark (and I live near downtown so I don't run after dark) so after my shred video, I decided to do hip hop abs for cardio. It was tragic. So tragic in fact that when my roomate knocked on my door, I said hold on a minute and paused the dvd before allowing her in (the same thing you would tell someone if they were walking in while you were changing) It was for her own good though...I was embaressingly bad.


  1. Trying on bathing suits is never a good experience for ANYONE. I feel you.
    And I NEVER let anyone see me working out- the hubby, the UPS man, even the baby. It would be too traumatic. :)

  2. I tried on some two pieces at Target recently and they made me feel so bad about my looks that I decided that I'm not wearing a two piece this year. I can't decide if it's just me, or if it's the Target suits...

  3. Hip hop abs is sooo fun to do, but I wouldn't want to see what I look like doing it. In my mind I'm dancing like Jennifer Lopez and I'm just gonna keep believing that. lol