Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday (May 2, 2012)

Here is what I am reading this week....

1. Silenty Single  -- love love love this blog post. My goal was to have a honest blog on singleness, and although some days I am honest, some days, I think I feel far to embaressed to share -- both the good and the bad.  Too embaressed to share the lonely days and too embaressed to talk about how excited I am over a date or a new outfit or an uplifting comment from someone (want to make a single girls' day?? make a reference about her day, when you get married, you should have this band play..... one day, I bet your kids are super chubby because you love to bake....where do you think you'll send your kids to school? SOUNDS SO SILLY, but hearing the word when instead of if is so uplifting!!  in fact, its best to use the word WHEN not IF when you talk to someone looking for a job or waiting for a baby) Anyways, back on subject, this was honest about the thing singles feel the most: have we been forgotten? (the author discusses God not forgetting her, but truth is, I think singles fear other people forget them as well!)  I may have to do an entire blog post on this blog post)

2. Is there love after marriage?  and the follow up blog post: Marriage and a New Kind of Love 

3. For my like 3 male readers, here is a great article by Kevin DeYoung at the Gospel Coalition about ways to love his wife.  It's true, and funny. 

4. BTW, did anyone else catch that CBS has already listed bowl predictions for 2013?? it's coming...

5. Dentist pulls out her ex bf's teeth after they split.  a) we all have atleast one ex we would LOVE to do this to, although I hope we would all never do this! and b) he kindof deserved this (no, not really) -- how dumb can you be to go get your toothache checked out by the girl you just dumped? (especially when he already had a new gf as the article stated)  You have to know there are bad feelngs silly boy.

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  1. I love your thoughts on the article about singleness--I am so with you about how people saying "when" and not if and not just totally refusing to talk about it at all, is so uplifting.