Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day

I think this is an interesting article on childlessness on mothers day. We remember those who have lost moms or lost babies on mothers days.  We also often remember those who are trying to become moms. But, I don't think we put a lot of time into remembering those who long to be wives and mothers on mothers day.  Personally, I don't find this day very hard -- I hope much more for a family on other major holidays.  I do usually pause and pray Lord make me a mother, but thats about it.

However, for those who are 10 or 20 years older than me, who believe that motherhood may have passed them by and who still long for a spouse and kids, this day must be hard.  I want to remember to pray for those too.  Often times, we think that loving and losing is harder than never having at all....and I disagree. Never having had children is probably just as painful for these women as losing one --- only in different ways.  Remember these women today.  That single woman in your sunday school class who hears you complain about screaming kids or rebelling teenages, longs to have her own troublesome kid at home.  Remember that and pray and encourage her.  I know an older lady at my church (by old, I mean early 40s, so not really old) who is single and is beginning the process of adoption.  I am praying especially hard for her today (I also pray she meets a godly man too, but shhh, dont tell her)

A couple years ago, I wrote out a prayer for mothers day.  I pray the same prayer today.  God bless mothers, God bless those who have lost mothers, God bless those who have lost children, God bless those (single and married) who are waiting for motherhood.

I have a great mom. A mother whose goal was to be my mom, not my friend.  Its important that mothers' self esteem not be tied to their children because sometimes their kids will dislike them.  My mom always taught her daughters we could grow up and be anything we wanted - whether that be doctors or mothers or both. I always appreciated that.  I liked that she didnt think we could only stay home. But I also appreciated that she didn't think we couldn't.   My mom is funny, just ask her...she cracks herself up. She is stylish and fun and practical.  She will stand by any one of her kids through rough patches.  She's amazing.

a few pics with my mom....

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  1. Love the pictures with you and your mom, and the article. I personally have not had to deal with the desire of wanting children and not being able to have them, but several of my friends have gone through and are going through that that it just breaks my heart.