Monday, May 7, 2012

Dallas/ 10k

This weekend i went to Dallas with my BF and some of his family.  His aunt is in charge of a race called Heels and Hills (mainly women, although some men run too -- thats why they now call it Heels and Hills and Him)

It was a fun BUSY weekend.  We stayed in Irving, TX (a dallas suburb).  I wish we were in Dallas so I could have met up with some of my Dallas friends, but in a way I am glad we stayed in Irving because it gave me time to just enjoy the race and being with the people I came with and not striving to see everyone.

Friday night, when we got there, we went to Saltgrass Steakhouse, a tasty steakhouse they have in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado.  Apparently they like to go every time they visit their family in Irving, so we went to dinner there. It was very good, and so so much food (everything is bigger in Texas right??) so I couldn't finish it!

Saturday, we got our race packets and toured the Cowboys Stadium which was pretty cool. I have been for the Cottonbowl...when Ole Miss played Oklahoma State, but the tour took you onto the field and into the locker room.  BF is an architect so he wanted to tour it because its the biggest pro stadium and has some cool features like retractable glass walls (not just a retractable roof) and an arch running through the stadium that is 35 feet tall and twice the length of the St Louis arch.

We then had to hurry back to the hotel for the guys to help with loading up race stuff. So we picked up a quick lunch of wings (can you tell the men decided where we ate?? haha).  At the hotel, I laid out by the pool then spent a few hours helping put race packets together for people who picked up packets on raceday.

We then all decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at a local Tex Mex restaurant, Pappasitos.  One thing I love about Texas (and there are only a few things I love about Texas due to the fact that my two years living there made me realize how much more I prefer the South) is TEX MEX, a little more upscale than mexican.  Unfortunately, despite this place being famous for their margs, I could not have one since I was running the next morning....  Also, apparently Cinco de Mayo is the prime time to have a bachelorette party, seeing as 3 parties were going on in the restaurant, including one party where lingerie was being opened right next to us...awkward yet quite humorous!

Sunday was race day. The boys helped run/manage the race so they were there at 5.  Us girls were running in the race so we arrived closer to 7-- but things didnt go as planned, it took 15 minutes to park, then once we parked finally, we waited in line for bathroom, and I hadn't even made it to the front of the line when they were counting down to start the race so I jumped out of the line to run.  In all that hurry and stress, I forgot my whole "pray for people" while I run plan.  I didn't remember til 2/3's of the way through which is frustrating because I had planned on several people to pray for!! I prayed some but didn't spend the time I had planned. I also prayed some afterwards. I was dissapointed that the hurry/stress of the morning caused me to forget my plan til the end....then I realized I am training, I have tons more miles to logg and pray for my sweet friends. So if I didn't spend the proper amount of time this wkd, I will next weekend on my long run or the next or in a few wks when I run another 10k.

My time was ok, nothing amazing.  I have been training, but not training as hard as I need to be. I ran the first 2 miles, or actually a little more than the first 2.  and ran the last half.  The time in between, I did intervals.  I was proud of myself for running almost 3 miles and happy to be midpack.   Plus this gives me a goal for the memorial day wkd race.  BF's sister did the half and she improved her time from her last half so that was exciting.  Her dad wanted me to do the half with her but I knew I would not be ready for it.  Considering the fact that I am a little sore from the 10k, I think that was a wise decision. I will be ready for the half this fall. It will be my second half, and hopefully this time without injury so I hope to improve.

All in all, It was a really good weekend.  I've spent time with my guy's family plenty of times, but I think its always good to see how someone interacts and acts with those he or she is closest too. I enjoyed watching his willingness to help his aunt out.  Also, I got to take one more step towards my goal of another half (and maybe full!)  Such a good weekend, although very very tired.  Looking forward to a laundry night this Monday.

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  1. So glad that you had fun! And don't worry about forgetting to pray until the end. At my race, I somehow missed a kilometer marker (it did feel like the longest 1K ever until I figured that out!) so I had to jam two people together at the end. Thought that counts, right?