Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I am reading wednesday 5-9-2012

Some suggested reading this week....

I love this article on hope.  The author confesses fear she had in having another baby because the first one had a disability. I loved her honesty because I am this way.  I feel like failure or dissapoint in the past points to the same in the future....particularly with relationships.  In this most recent relationship, I have had to work hard to let go of the past -- not so much the ending of relationships, but the ending of relationships in incredibly hurtful ways - and trust that just because I had pain in the past does not mean I can't hope for good in the future. God is not out "to get me" -- and if his will is several more painful relationships then He will get me through that situation too.  The further I am from past situations, I have come to realize these situations are more indicators of God's faithfulness EVEN WHEN others aren't. and EVEN WHEN I am not.  So those of you who are scared to keep trying to have a baby or to hope for a better job or to pray you meet your spouse, I pray all of you feel free to hope today -- for a change in circumstances, but even moreso, in a God who is faithful even in those circumstances.

I love this article on how to know if a newer Christian is spiritually mature enough for you to date.  This is a tricky subject because you want someone who is growing and serious about their faith --- but part of marriage (or any relationship) is being there as God continues to transform a person (read Keller's book)  If you write someone off because they don't know as much as you do about the Bible or because they have not known the Lord for as long as you, you could be writing off an amzing man or woman.  I think this article does a good job addressing that.

I have loved following this family's adoption.  Here is an update from them.

Contrary to popular belief, life is less about "thinking for yourself" and more about obediance to our Savior.

This paralyzed woman did a marathon, so i shouldn't complain!

Check out this amazing story about an amazing couple.

Sins, Failures, and Regrets --trust in God's soverignty and know that God can use our Evil for His glory.

Is it sometimes blessed to not be blessed???

Quit carrying burdens on your own, it will only make you weary.

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