Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek confessions 5-9-12

Time for Midweek Confessions with E, Myself and I.

- I started the advocare 24 day challenge and obsessively weigh myself twice a I really think I will lose 3 pounds today ??? NO, but kindof yes..... isn't it like magic??

- This weekend my BF and I are planning a friday night in.  And I am way to excited about this. I have had so many events the past few weeks and have upcoming weddings and parties that the idea of dinner, sweats and a movie sounds wonderful.  Plus, since I am cooking, I know I will get to pick the movie.

- I am so lazy that last night I bought the already cooked chicken in the grocery store and ate that for dinner... seriously, I went to the grocery store, not picking up food from a restaurant or a fast food place and I don't even buy nonprocessed food to cook? I ate already cooked chicken and sliced cucumbers.  Man, I am such a cook.

- I am usually miss party planning extraordinare.  I love hosting fun parties but I am throwing a party this weekend and have yet to make the menu.  Its a cookout, any suggestions???

- When people show me pics of their children or nieces/nephews, I am sweet and comment on how cute they are but inside, what I really want to do, is pull out a picture of my nephew Jack and say "not as cute as him"  I am THAT obnoxious aunt, I sure I hope I am not obnoxious about my own kids.

- When I have a bad day, I spend time looking up trips I want to take. I even price out the plane tickets and look at hotel prices.  I got really excited when someone posted on FB that the exchange rate was 1.3 dollars: 1 euro  -- thats the best its been in awhile.  Does this affect my life at all? no. I still am not going to europe this summer BUT if I did, I have a good bit of my trip planned out...


  1. Oh don't worry you will do that with you own kids too! As parents we can't help it. lol

  2. Love that you want to show them pictures of your nephew--I feel the same way! :)

    Also, when I have a bad day I do the SAME thing about looking for flights. I think to myself, "I could quit this job, take my savings, and just bum around Europe until it runs out." I should probably stop searching that on my work computer....