Monday, May 21, 2012

Bathing Suits (yes, folks, swimsuit season is upon us)

I have been working hard to get in shape so that atleast halfway through the summer, I will want to wear a bathing suit.  I do love all things water (and who am I kidding, I will get in a bathing suit before I am bathing suit ready....I've never been one to let insecurity keep me from the sun!)

My goal is to lose about 15 pounds (so far I've lost 4) using Advocare and counting my calories on myfitnesspal. (thanks tiffany, it really helps that there is a phone app and I can count it on my phone!) I also am training for a half marathon and doing the 30 day shred to tone up. 4 day, 11 (or more) to go!

I have a few stylish one pieces and one modest two piece (that I rarely wear).  BUT I bought my one pieces like 3 years ago.  I am not the type of person who shops for new swimsuits EVERY summer because I work so I only need a few for wkds and the occasional beach trip.  However, as I lose weight, I'd like some stylish bathings suits, and a couple two pieces....lets be honest, I'm getting older, so I should brave the bikini while I still can get away with it.

Here is what I have found....
From J Crew....this is my absolute favorite!

 Also from J Crew, I love the higher cut bottoms and full coverage top. It comes in other colors

 From Swim Spot. I love the X in the front.

Also from Swim Spot. Basic, but I love Navy.

 Sexy one piece from swim spot

 retro lands end. 

 Don't love swim skirts (think mommies at the neighborhood pool growing up) but this is flirty and feminine...could be cute, maybe? from lands end.

Paisley bikini from lands end.

I also plan on checking out Target (a couple people have told me they have good bathing suits but I find it overwhelming looking at the selection online) and some department stores like Macys, Dillards, and Belks.

Any other suggestions? Help a girl string bikinis or smaller suits. I want some coverage.  I'm fine with one pieces --- sometimes the one pieces are far more attractice, but I think I need atleast one 2piece because my BF thinks I'm wearing one...and its good for tanning!

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  1. Love these! I'm with you on swim skirts, but I think the one you have here is really cute and non-momish!

    So glad you like My Fitness Pal. I swear by it (of course I've fallen off the wagon the last few weeks and can totally tell...grr!)