Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Spring Fashion Trends: STRIPES

 STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES are in this year.... and I can't wait to find a cute striped dress. I already have a striped T shirt and a fun light sweater....but a preppy little striped dress is a must! I love this trend because buying a basic striped T won't set you back much and you can keep wearing it next year and the next.  Stripes may not always be "IN" but they are rarely OUT!

Look at this adorable striped top from anthro.  I think it has a little more dressed up look that most everyday striped tops.

A practical little J Crew Dress... LOVE the navy of course (fav color!)

I love the use of two sizes of stripes in this anthro dress (black and white is also a big trend this season so you kill two birds with one stone in this fun dress) Imagine it with a chunky neclace

I have been looking for a striped blazer (even before they were in style) Love this one from J can wear it dressed down with jeans or shorts or with a pair of navy slacks to the office!

I love the varying sizes of the stripes on this sweater from Blue Door Boutique...

Seriously, Lilly Pulitzer rarely makes anything I don't love.  I love her summer floral prints but would adore wearing this basic striped dress with a fun belt.

I love this dress from Blue Door Boutique: vertical and horizontal stripes, fitted and nice enough to wear with a blazer to work or with sandals on a date. It truly is an anytime type of dress! (once again, its in black and white, another HUGE trend for the spring)

 This is probably a style you already own.  Pull out those plain striped T's and sweaters and add a fun bright neclace.  Want to get in on this trend for cheap?? Buy a knit dress or a fun knit shirt. Almost everywhere is carrying stripes (cheap store, designers, etc) so for 25-50 dollars and you'll be in style! That's a bargain!!

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