Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"What I wore" Wednesday: a day of showers

Clearly, I am lacking inspiration and time to post often because my last post was WIWW as well (although I have some adorable pics from a jungle themed shower I hosted to post soon!)  Check out other people's outfits on this blog.

Saturday was a busy day.... I had my hair straightened (Brazillian blowout, love it!!!) and then attended 3 showers including one that I hosted.  I hadn't intended on 3 outfits (just 2), BUT I spilled something on my first outfit and had to change before shower number 2.  I literally did not stop between 7:30 am and 1 am but it was such a fun day celebrating babies and marriages!!!!

It is March so I was planning on wearing sundresses in that typical "in between" way -- IE, not too summery sundress, cardigan and flats not sandals....but in true MS fashion, it was freezing.   We have a history of things warming up some to trick you into believing winter is gone and then suddenly its freezing again! So I readjusted.

My first outfit (prehair being straightened obvi!)  Perfect for a Brunch at a local Bed and Breakfast/Old Southern Home to celebrate a sweet baby boy due in a few weeks!

Jacket: Very Jane
Dress: LOFT
Shoes: Madden Girl (from Judy's in Brookhaven)

Then I changed (hair straightened now, see the difference?) and wore this orange skirt to a fun animal print shower for my friend Marianna who is getting married later this month.  I look very auburn themed which was not my plan, but luckilly Marianna is an Auburn fan so she didnt mind!

Shirt: Very Jane
Belt: Banana Republic
Skirt: Loft (it's the wrong size :( but I love the orange so I keep wearing it!)
Boots: Christmas gift last year (???)
Bracelets: 1 David Yurman mixed with 1 Yurman knockoff (???)
Cluster Pearl drop Earrings: Simple Joys by Ginny Misner
Scarf: Thimblepress "Katy" scarf (named for yours truly !!)

After scrambling to find a lingerie gift for Marianna's second shower (we struggled a lot to find something attractive!!) and going home to finish up decorations, we headed to Bravos for drinks and dinner (which was delicious but took forever) then back to the Peachtree house for the shower! The shower did not start until almost 11! We are so wild and young--- riiiiiiiggggghhhhtttt.  She got lots of good stuff.  It was a jungle themed lingerie shower (I will post on that soon) and Marianna LOVES animal print so many of us wore animal print clothing along with her to celebrate.  Technically I shouldn't be wearing a velvet skirt in March but it was for a good cause and it was freezing.  I have always been a big fashion rule follower (no white til after easter!!!) but even I am loosening up on SOME rules during my old age.

Sweater: Target
Tank top: Loft maybe?
Belt: Banana Republic (the the one thing that made it through the whole day ha!)
Skirt: Loft
Jewelry: from some store at Mistletoe Marketplace in November
Bracelet: Yurman

So there you have it, my wardrobe for a day full of showers!!  Can't wait to celebrate this baby boy and Marianna and Thomas's wedding, both occuring in a few weeks :) This stage of life -- tons of weddings and showers and engagement parties etc can be so exhausting but so fun.  It is especially fun to have several friends engaged or near engagement.  After years of singleness together, its fun to rejoice in God's provision and blessings!


  1. Love your outfits! :)

    It's a crazy season in life for me, too!

  2. These are all so cute!! I love this what I wore trend you've started!