Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I wore Wednesday: Date Nights

So, confession: I thought I would hate 'What I wore Wednesdays" and I will admit that I am not crazy about taking selfies (a little narcissistic, plus they never turn out that great!) But, in a busy time, I love that I have a regularly scheduled post and I love that it motivates me to dress cute! (Check out the link above for other clothing ideas!)

This weekend, I actually failed to have a girls night (booo) but I don't feel too guilty because I tried to and several people were out of town.  Dave and I went shopping for his interview suit at Belks then had dinner at PanAsia which is a restaurant I feel like I should love, but I honestly don't.  However, it had been a few weeks since we actually went out to dinner so it was fun.  We were going to go see Oz at 9:50 but you know, I'm old and I was tired so I went home and went to bed at 9:30 (amazing)

For our date night, I pulled out one of my favorite jackets and tried the whole mixing patterns thing.  Stripes and Polka dots. I think that it worked.  I'm quite matchy-matchy so I am trying my hardest to break out of that.

Jacket: Boden
Shirt: Gap
Jewelry: Mistletoe Marketplace
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Christmas gift two years ago (??)

Saturday, we went out to dinner with Dave's best friend, Cole and Cole's wife, Whitney.  We had all been so excited about Crawfish all week long. Seriously, group texts back and forth and when we arrived, they were out.  They thought they would get some more so we waited around and had drinks, but they didn't so we went to Georgia Blue instead.  Sad day, now I am still craving those lil' mudbugs.  It's always fun to hang out with Cole and Whitney because they live in the suburbs and I feel we rarely see them (funny how 30-40 mins seems so long!) Dave took this picture (and laughed at me for wanting a pic of my outfit)  Excuse my unmade bed.  The best part of this top is the criss-crossed back which you can't see :(

Shirt: Mistletoe Marketplace (Christmas gift)
Scarf: Mistletoe Marketplace (ift)
Undersirt: Loft
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Christmas gift

On a really happy note (for me, atleast), those are my skinny jeans in both pics.  woohoo... down 7-8 pounds. Hopefully I can loose 8-10 more before the wedding!

Anyone else sporting fun trends this week???

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  1. I absolutely love that second outfit! Love, love, love! And way to go on the weight loss--that's awesome!!