Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I wore Wedneaday: FREAKY weather and WEDDING attire

Well, like the rest of America-- Spring in the 'SIP is kindof freaky at the in, I scraped ice off my car this morning before work-- on MARCH 27-- and last week it hailed tennis balls.  At the same time, wearing very wintery outfits seems a little inappropriate, so I am trying to mix some BRIGHT colors into my winter wardrobe.  I hope that I am not wearing leggings with my EASTER dress this weekend.

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(1) A gold belt and springy jacket makes this look a little more MARCH-Y right?

Jacket: Very Jane
Shirt: Mom's
Pants: J Crew
Belt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Tory Burch
Earrings: Simple Joys

(2) Atleast this outfit has bright colored shoes

Sweater: Gap
Pants: J Crew
Shoes: ????
Neclace: The Blue Door Boutique

(3) ALSO I had my first shower (will blog about it later)  Luckily it was warm enough (with a cardigan) to wear the spring dress I purchased for it...  I wish I had taken a full body pic so you could see my cute red shoes

Dress: Anthropolie
Belt: Banana Republic
Pearls: The Blue Door Boutique
Earrings: Simple Joys
ADORABLE Red wedges which you can't see: TJ Maxx

(4) and MY FRIEND got married this weekend (blog post soon with pics of the lovely bride, promise!!)
---> I had to wear hose with my dress because it was chilly (ok and also because its got a slit in the back)

DRESS (which I love!!!): The Blue Door Boutique
Shoes: Madden Girl

PS The adorable redhead in the above pic got engaged a couple weeks ago (ahhh!) Yay for weddings.  I have a plan where my friends schedule their weddings every few months so that if dave and I move away, I have to come back atleast every few months.  So far, its going according to plan. :)

PSS I promise a more substantial post soon!!

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  1. All of these are adorable, but I'm in LOVE with #2. Seriously, I'd like to have that exact outfit in my closet.