Friday, November 16, 2012

#27 The ability (and freedom) to say NO

#27 Every 20something single gal needs the ability and freedom to say NO.

You hear this said a lot regarding moms.  You don't have to say yes to every ministry opportunity because your ministry opportunity is at home.  You're so busy you don't need to overcommit.  Your primary focus should be your kids and husband.  Don't overexert yourself so much that you don't have time for your family.

All good advice.  and true: mommies should not overcommit (actually ALL people should not overcommit) But the message to singles is usually quite the opposite.  Singles are portrayed as having so much time.  They can fully invest in youth group and making meals and volunteering. In fact, if singles enjoy their time, they are often presented as being selfish and self focused.

But, the truth is (and I have learned this the hard way) -- YOU need time for you.  So pick a couple of things to say yes to and say no to the rest.  Single women have jobs.  Single women have to be social -- this is not an option if you want to possibly meet someone.  Single women have relationships they pour into like friends, families, boyfriends, etc.  So, sometimes, single women have more time, but sometimes they don't.

The truth is all people should minister to others -- just no person or group can do it all!!!  So, don't be made to feel like you're single so you have all the time in the world. Pick a couple things and do it well. And say NO and don't feel guilty about saying NO.  You need time to start a family too which means you need time to meet people and be social and date.  Even if you stay single, you need time for you and for work and life! So, say no...the first time is hard, but then its more freeing.  And, pour yourself into the activities and volunteer opportunities you say yes to!

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