Friday, November 30, 2012


Today ends my month of Thankfulness-- although truthfully I am trying to work on thankfulness full-time.  I participated in that cheesy "what I am thankful for each day" daily status on facebook.  It may be silly, but it did make me pause to think each day about what I should be thankful for...and usually I had a hard time picking out one thing to say I was thankful for.  I truly am blessed in many ways, trials and all.  Before jumping into advent (a time of anticipation and hope and longing) , I thought I would share some quotes on gratefulness.
As someone who has been through my fair share of dark nights, I am grateful that God not only allows hard times to end, but also that He uses those times for good.  Long nights really can become mornings! Also I have sweet sweet friends that have become family and likes that have become love :)

So many blessings, do I thank HIM often enough?

This makes me want to thank God everyday for what I have!

Atleast the glass isn't empty!

Spend more time counting the good things, not the bad. I am still working on this.  It doesn't take away the pain of the bad but it does remind you life is not all bad!

scriptural truth

Do you ever stop to think that God has blessings coming your way.  A couple years ago, I started thanking God for answering prayers before He answered them -- I wanted to be thankful that He was already at work in my circumstances to bring good for me and glory for Him!

Its true that the most grateful people are the happiest!

Maybe God allows hard things or times of waiting because what we want when we want it would actually end up hurting us more.  Did a relationship fall apart or you didn't get the job you want? Maybe God is protecting us and if we understood that, we would be more grateful!

so much more!

We have an entitlement problem in America which is also tied to a lack of gratitude!
Let's strive to make our month of thankfulness into a life of thankfulness -- whether it be verbally or loudly or simply by trusting God during the hard times with a quiet thankfulness

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  1. Absolutely love this, Katy! It's perfect!