Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Every 20something gal needs #25-26

#25  Every 20something single gal needs a quality purse and an evening clutch.

Once again, I did this series for the "single gal" but truth is, it applies to all 20something gals.  Gone are the days of carrying around a purse from target.  It's time to invest in a quality piece.  This doesn't have to be designer but should be a solid and preferably a neutral (if you only invest in one purse)  There is a time for FUN CHEAP PURSES but when you are going to an interview or business meeting, you need something nicer. If you have a decdent outfit but throw on a cheap looking purse, your look drops a couple notches in quality.

Some tips:
  • look for designer brands at tj maxx or look when belk, macys, etc is having a sale
  • if you can only invest in a brown or black purse, decide which color based on which color you wear more
  • look at outlets
  • sign up for the emails from kate spady, tory burch, etc and get notifications of their sales.
  • if you are a mom or work, make sure its large enough to throw a couple essentials in -- a diaper and bottle, a notepad and file, etc  Although you will likely have a brief case or diaper bag, there are those short trips somewhere where you may just want to carry a purse.
  • you can find a quality purse that isn't a hot designer

Now your clutch/formal purse doesn't have to be expensive.  But you do need a bag or two that you can carry in the evening that can contain your phone cash, license and a lipstick and mascara.  Although I have a couple Tory evening purses I would LOVE to have, I think you should first invest your money in a solid brown or bag purse. CHEAP IS OK and this is all the more reason to buy an evening can get one at steinmart or a cheap boutique for under 30 and you will look complete and ready for the party in no time.

#26 Every 20something single gal needs accountability.

One of the best things about marriage is that it's an easy way to have iron sharpening iron as the Bible says....someone is encouraging you to grow and change and calling you out on things you could change on.  As a single, thats harder to find.  Build friendships with people who will answer you truthfully - "Yes you are being too picky about who you date"  Friendships with people who will ask how your goals are going -- "hows running going?  Did you learn to sew like you wanted to?"  Have friendships with people who will here your flaws and correct you but still love you - "Ok, letting him stay over that late wasn't wise, but we all make mistakes and its time to forgive yourself and move on."

Also, join groups.  I did that with running...I knew without accountability of a group, I wouldn't go.  Thats why I think its important (for many reasons) to join a Sunday School class.  I could easilly skip church because its inconveniant or I don't want to sit alone, etc, but I know too many people who will ask where I have been.

Also, stay close with your family.  It's likely that they feel the freedom to call you out in ways others don't

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