Friday, November 9, 2012


Hey Y'all!! I promise I am finish my 31 things series next week (really, raise your hand if you are suprised that it took me more than a month to finish that?? No hands? I thought so. Life gets busy !!)  Until then, here's a few weekend notes:

Tonight we are having a girls night and I am excited. I feel like this fall has been crazy for everyone -- people are busy with work, with familiy obligations, with personal struggles, with boyfriends, husbands, etc etc...oh, and football...I see a lot of my friends less during football season due to the fact that we "go our separate ways" on Saturdays :)  So yay for sushi, wine and chatting!

Tomorrow I have training for my HOLIDAY job I mentioned....I am working at The Everyday Gourmet, a cooking/china store here in Jackson that also does bridal registries.  I am excited to do something fun, work hard and make a little extra Christmas cash.

Afterwards, Dave and I are cooking Chili and flipping between 3 games (Ole Miss v. Vandy, Auburn v. Georgia, and MSU v. LSU)  Why did our 3 schools have to play at around the same time?  This fall has been super busy and I have attended far less games than I normally do, but curling up in sweats on a cold night (well maybe cold night since its Mississippi!) with Chilli sounds wonderful.  And, strangely enough, I haven't missed my usual obsession with football that much.  I've had good and bad distractions which has reminded me its just football....although don't get me wrong, I can't wait to be obsessed (to a lesser degree) next year again !!

Also, who gets excited about having a little free time to tidy up and do laundry? THIS GIRL. That, plus Dave and I have free coupons for Zaxbys (love their salads!!) so clearly, as you can all see I have BIG plans for the wkd!! Work, laundry, tv, zaxbys!!

We are starting to pull out our Christmas decorations this weekend at the Peachtree House.  My roomies and I throw a big Christmas party the first weekend of December.  I realized that if we don't start pulling out a little each wkd, we will be stressing out the week before.  So, yes, we are those people-- with decorations out early - but its for a good reason!!

That being said, where do you find cheap christmas decorations? Where is the best place to get a cheap articifial prelit tree? (our roomie took ours to DC) and what are some good Christmas crafts? (deep in me is a desire to be crafty, I'm not but I try!)

And finally, here's a little something to make you smile this friday :)

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  1. i have to pull out my christmas decor early, too. i have so much to put out. but i love it. last year i already had my tree put up on the 12th of november.

    i'm having girls night tonight. i have been looking forward to it all day which is probably why the day as gone by super slow. hurry up five o clock!

    p.s. my local hobby lobby has all their christmas stuff on sale for 50% off this week. i saw several pretty cheap pre-lit trees and tons and tons of ornaments.