Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

1. This picture I stole from another blogger....

Isn't this so true? How just being with the right person or right people feels like paradise sometimes?  Whether its your family gathered for a baptism, holiday, tailgate, etc, a girls wine night on the front porch, or curling up with a special guy to eat spaghetti and watch tv, everyday life is just so exciting sometimes, even when it's not.

2. These wine glasses...perfect for the grove or any other outdoor event! (actually not perfect for the grove since everything has to be in solo cups, etc where you can't see the alcohol) I NEED ONE!

3. BELHAVEN SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE this weekend.  My house is right across from a small university that does an outdoor singing Christmas Tree. People bring blankets and cocoa and snacks and curl up on the soccer field and and listen to the tree. (It was my parent's first date 31 years ago!) We can see it from our front porch so every year we host a party.  Sadly, I rarely get to sit and listen to the tree because I am busy hosting, BUT I still love it because it's the first big party of the season and such a fun event with food, music and hot toddies! Plus I have an amazing skirt I plan on wearing :)

4. Our "poor girl" decorations.  Money is tight at our house, but gathered our decorations, accepted donations of old decorations from our parents and bought a few more.  Usually we go way out, but this year we decided decorations and the party would be lower key....I still think we did a decent job on our house.  Clearly this is not 'Southern Living' quality but it is pretty festive....

My mom's old stockings were hung by our chimney with care...

Our skinny Charlie Brown Christmas Tree... 15 prelit :)

5. CHRISTMAS MOVIES.  I have already watched 3.  Thank goodness for DVR. I set them to record a lot of movies then I watch as many as I can while cleaning, wrapping gifts, etc.  I hope I can see a good number of movies this year but with my weekend job, I may not.  Still glad to see a few.  Here are some links to the holiday movies: TV GUIDE  Holiday pages  25 days of Christmas and this one is the best: CHRISTMAS TV SCHEDULE

6. THIS BLOG: Single, Party of One.

7. Christmas shopping ahead of time.  I've gotten half of it done.  Trying to finish up in the next couple of months so I can not stress and enjoy the holidays.  Getting Dave' family done first because I don't know them as well as my own, obviously.  I can easilly find my sister something last minute but it takes more time to figure out what they want.  Luckilly I work at a store with great products and a discount so lots of my shopping will be done there :)

8. KRAFT FRESH TAKES.  Have yall tried these? They cost maybe 3 dollars, though I keep getting them when they are on sale. Its various cheese and breadcrumb mixes that you put on chicken, pork, etc.  I add the mix to chicken and its so simple, saves me from making a fancy meal but also saves me from eating plain chicken! 

9. SCANDAL. Seriously, watch this show. Its only on season 2 so between netflix, ABC and HULU, you can catch up!

10. ADVENT.  For those of you who have read my blog for awhile, you know I love advent.  I love Christmas and the holiday season in genereal (who doesn't?) but I LOVE advent.  I bought a mini advent devotional (1.00) and a book about advent (2.00) at Lifeway Bookstores on Black Friday. (TO READ MY ADVENT POSTS FROM LAST YEAR, CLICK ON THE ADVENT CATEGORY)


  1. I think your decorations look better than those in Southern Living! They come up with fancy decorations, but some of the homes look more like museums, rather than places where people *live*.

  2. 1. Don't you love the Johnny Cash quote? It's so perfect!

    2. LOVE the Single, Party of One blog. Thanks for introducing me!

    3. I'm SO excited about Advent. I've got two different Advent books to read becuase I couldn't pick one! So excited!!