Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving/Apple Cream Pie

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. I sure did.  It has been a long hard year in many ways, but it has also been a year full of blessings -- family, friends, Dave, a stable job, and most importantly, a God who is faithful to us when others aren't and when we are undeserving, a God who blesses us with good things and carries us through tough times.

Dave's family does Thanksgiving lunch and mine does dinner so we were able to spend the holiday together and experience eachother's traditions.  I drove to Dave's hometown Wednesday after work and spent the evening with his family and woke up early Thursday to hunt -- okay, to sit with Dave while he hunted.  We didn't see anything -- too hot for deer...but dave got a buck and several ducks later in the week.

Hunting with my cutie

Then we went back to his parents house and watched some of the parade, ate breakfast and got our dishes ready to head to his grandparent's house where we had a big delicious lunch.  My contributions were a salad and an Apple Cream Pie.

Apple Cream Pie

4 eggs
2 cans apple pie filling
2 1/2 C sugar
1/2 C milk
8 T flour
4 T butter
1/2 t salt
2 t vanilla
Cool whip

Beat eggs until light and fluffy add everything but vanilla cook over low heat until thick stirring constantly. Add vanilla. Let cool. Pour into cooked pastry shell. Top with cool whip
Makes 2 pies

Its best to mix flour and sugar together before adding to milk egg mixture so flour doesn't clump

After lunch, we headed to my family's house for dinner and tree decorating.  We also had a good time "planning" our black friday shopping, although none of us got up early, but we looked through the paper for all the deals!

Jack and I snuck a taste of apple cream pie (made one for my family too)...

Shhhh Don't tell!
My family has two trees- a formal tree in the living room and a family tree in the den. Here is the formal tree....
The Formal Tree
Dave and me in front of the formal tree
Decorating the family tree....


Then I spent the rest of the weekend working at my holiday job, buying a few gifts and decorating my house for our upcoming Christmas Party.  When Dave came back to Jackson, we cooked dinner and watched a CHristmas movie on TV: Home Alone 5.  It was okay for a tv movie, but seriously, can you beat the original 2 from the 90s?? Our generation's Home Alone was the best.  Actually, our generations's holiday movies in general are way better than the recent ones: Home Alone, Santa Clause,  All I want for Christmas, Christmas Vacation, etc. I saw a commercial for a Christmas movie about a dog: Christmas Paws....Seriously???? Stick to the classics and by classics I mean old school black and white or 80s/90s classics.

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  1. Love the photos---especially the hunting one and you letting Jack sneak some pie---I have a similar photo feeding my God daughter cake icing this weekend! :)