Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekend/week update

I know I've been MIA.  I have had a lot of family busyness and have literally NOT stopped for what feels like a week but it's only been a few days. My family has had a rough year and I was glad to be with everyone.  I truly do have the best family out there.  and one of the strongest, anyways I digress...

SO TIRED.  Seriously, last night Dave came over to do some work/watch tv.  I needed to fold clothes.  I think we were trying to have some "calm not busy together time" One basket of clothes done, I feel asleep.  Didn't do the dishes, didn't finish folding the rest of the clothes. fell asleep.  Dave let me lay there and he watched tv and finished his work. THEN LEFT   9 hours of sleep later, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. (Thanks Dave!) 

I have so much to update y'all on....Halloween Party. New Job (ok its a part time seasonal job, but I am still so excited! a fun way to pay for holiday gifts, etc) Race saturday (although I have hardly run all week -- just once with all this busyness! Hopefully I will run today!)

FRIDAY NIGHT, the Peachtree Girls (roomies and I) threw a fun Halloween Party.  I plan on posting about the party soon, but here is one picture to get you through...

Aren't we an adorable rocker couple??

Saturday Dave did not have to go in to the studio for the first time in weeks. I never should have written that post about Sundays being my fav because ever since then, Dave has had tons to do both Saturday and Sundays, and I've been busy too, I jinxed us!  So we planned to spend Saturday doing nothing, and we almost did.  We picked up coffee and watched tv saturday morning while I cleaned up from the party some and made breakfast.  We then met my family to eat lunch and watch the Rebels beat Arkansas (HOTTY TODDY).  It was especially fun with baby Jack in town! Dave and I then went to his cousin's birthday party and finally home.  A couple friends were having cookouts for the big Bama MSU game but we had agreed to be lazy Saturday and had only halfway honored we stayed in, cooked a pizza, watched tv and then watched football when it came on.  I think we both dozed in and out of sleep on the couch.  Being lazy was wonderful!  Especially since sunday it was back to the grind.  Although Sunday Night, I went and saw Taken 2.  VERY GOOD MOVIE.

 Snuggles with my fav boy

 Someone stuck a whole mini cupcake in is mouth, but is there any other way to eat a mini cupcake?

Dave went down the blowup slide at his cousin's birthday party

This week, my family has been in town so we've had a good bit of time with everyone, particularly JACK. 

Jack loves his BIG DAVE

Jack also loves trying to feed himself ice cream!

Dave and I carved pumpkins. Mine failed miserably.   I didn't sketch it out and I should have.  Usually I take a long time trying to plan something great to carve (I did george w. bush one year and I also did the US capitol and war eagle and flowers)  I think I was just so determined that we would squeeze it into a busy week that I didn't plan it out.  I may try again (Yes, I know it's november....) because I was so disspointed by my first attempt! Or maybe I will paint a pumpkin!!

More updates soon, and also, I wil finish my series. Maybe I will do one big final post!  (I love series but then they become so constricting!)

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  1. I'm excited to hear about everything that's been going on...especially this new job!