Thursday, October 25, 2012

#21 a kick A*** recipe for a dinner dish, appetizer, and dessert

Every 20something single gal (actually, every MARRIED gal too) should have a declicious tried and true recipe she can rely on when cooking dinner, bringing an appetizer to a party (or tailgate) and a delicious dessert recipe.

Truth is, every 20something gal should probably know more than 3 recipes, but lets stick with knowing and mastering 3 classics first.  I don't fault single ladies (or even married ladies with no children) for not knowing too much in the kitchen. We work. We get home late. and cooking for one or two people is hard y'all.  So its easy to start cooking chicken breasts, lean cuisines, and making sandwiches. On a fancy night, spaghetti. Which is FINE AND DANDY most nights....

But, then what do you do when its your turn to host supper club? Or several dates in to a relationship, you want to cook for your MR? Or someone asks you to bring a cake to a baby shower?

Pick a few recipes and figure them out.  They don't have to be fancy, but they shouldn't be slice and bake cookies either.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Invite friends over and make a recipe. No one likes eating the same recipe 4 times in a row, so this will cut down on leftovers.

2. Make a dessert that you want to try or perfect, then take the rest of the cake to work.

3. Do a potluck with friends.  We have done a couple saturday brunches and all tried breakfast recipes.

4. Cut recipes in half.

5. Look for recipes with 5-10 ingredients. Enough to be tasty and not "out of a box" tasting but not too many to be overwhelming and expensive.

6. Realize that its ok if you're not Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. But a few classic "go to"recipes" is a must at our age. 

7. Pinterest. Seriously, you can learn to cook from Pinterest Recipes!

My top 3 go to recipes??
1. Chili
2. Chocolate Chip Pound Cake
3. Cheese Straws

None are super complicated. None have more than 5-10 ingrediants.  All are well liked. :)

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