Saturday, October 6, 2012

What I'm loving Weekend

Here's a little What I'm loving Wednesday on SATURDAY.

1. Crossing things off my "fall to do list."  Curl up to wear a scary movie with Dave (check, actually check a couple times!) Drink cocoa. Cook chili. Wear tights. Wear scarfs.

And, as of the time you read this on Saturday, I will be heading to the grove with pumpkin muffins for the tailgate. Check. Check.

1.Wear lots of scarfs!

2. Go to a college football game --- with a cute date!
3. tailgate in the grove
4. run in cooler weather
5. make a fall wreath
6. Cook Chili
7. Cook something pumpkin flavored
8. Buy a MUM
9. make a fall craft
10. go to a pumpkin patch
11. Drink Hot Cocoa or Cider with rum
12. Bake an apple pie
13. Halloween celebration
14. Carve a pumpkin
15. host a fall wine night on the Peachtree House Porch (we haven't had a wine night recently....or maybe a cider and rum night!)
17. Curling up with Dave to watch a scary movie
18. Riding the Ferris Wheel at the MS State Fair
19. Make Dave's 28th birthday special.
20. get my flu shot -- seriously this is on my fall to do list, I suggest you all get your shot too, I have no idea why people don't get their shots!
21. Take a cute date to the Jr League's Mistletoe Preview Party in November
22. Make Smores!
23.wear lots of tights
24. Be more thankful.
25. Donate to a food bank   SIDENOTE: On my fall checklist, I included Livingston Farmer's market. Turns out there were only two more Thursdays to go and neither worked, so I am crossing that out and adding "wear lots of tights" to my list. It's only fair since I didn't have all season to accomplish the farmer's market goal.  I'll go to Livingston in the spring!

2. I love this website of grooms' faces when they see their bride. Tell me it doesn't make your heart smile.

3. I love that "New Girl" and "How I met Your Mother" is back on tv.

4. I love the fact that I will finally be making it to the grove this weekend....with my two favorite men (Jack and Dave) -- okay, my five favorite men, Jack, Dave, Blaise, Daddy, and Bech! and marley and me.  Wow, in a family of mostly girls, its weird that the men will outnumber the women this weekend.  Dave has never tailgated in the grove so its important for me to share this with him.

5. I love that Christmas stuff is starting to go up in stores.  Hate me if you want, tell me I am ignoring Thanksgiving and Halloween and I will just laugh because I celebate these holidays very well!  However, Christmas trees and lights make me happy. During finals or other tough times, I would go to walmart or a local store with decorations and walk through it.  The other day I had a bad day and had to make a walmart trip. I noticed that a couple aisles of Christmas decorations were up.  I walked around, took a breath, and smiled.  It calmed me down a bit. WEIRD, I know.

6. Pinterest. I am addicted to pinterest. I try not to look up clothes because it leaves me feeling greedy. I look up recipes and crafts mostly.  And I try recipes from pinterest all the time. ADDICTED

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