Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cheap Date #2: Mississippi State Fair

A couple weeks ago, the Mississippi State fair was in town.  It's not far from my neighborhood (2-3 miles) so Dave and I decided to make a fun date night out of the trip.  We were trying to follow the "cheap date" guidelines --$25 dollars or less (and we were barely over, so I am including it in the cheap date series!)  The fair is cash only (atm's on site) so we pooled the cash we had to head to the fair.

We went to the fair on a monday night so it wouldn't be super crowded.  It was a great time to go, plus it was really chilly which felt perfect for a fair visit!  I cooked us spaghetti and then we headed to the fair.  We parked a few blocks away so we could park for free, plus it was such a pretty view of all the lights when you walk down the hill to the fair!

Dave and me in front of the Ferris Wheel

Tickets to get in were five dollars a piece.  We then went immediately to the petting zoo.  We spent 1.00 on feed and fed the animals.

Next, we walked up and down the strip to see all the interesting food choices, games, side shows and rides.  It's always fun to stroll and hold hands!  I spent 75 cents seeing the smallest woman alive.  I thought she would be babydoll small but she wasn't. She was small, but I've seen smaller people on TLC specials.

Next we picked two rides each and bought tickets.  We chose to ride the ferris wheel and the skilift that goes across the fair.  (neither of us cared to ride the fast rides!)  The rides cost 7.50 per person for enough tickets to ride both, so 15 dollars total.

The Ski Lift

While riding the Ferris Wheel

After our rides, we decided to get free biscuits from the Kroger booth (I think it was the Jitney Jungle booth when I was a kid, but Jitney sold their stores)  They hand out free hot homemade biscuits with syrup squeezed inside them.  Delicious.  Traditional Fair food for NO MONEY.

Good Ole Southern Boy eating Biscuits

After one last look at the lights, I picked up one last treat - an icee for my sister.  We dropped it off at her place (a couple miles away) and we went home, watched our DVR'd "How I Met Your Mother" and "Partners" and curled up with some cocoa.

If we were to go again, I might only do one ride and use the remaining money to try some naughty fair food like fried oreos :) But because we ate dinner already, homemade biscuits were enough!

Date Location: MS State Fair
Total cost: $26.75 (10 tickets, 15 rides, 1 food for animals, .75 smallest lady on earth)
Rating: 9 (loved a fun night under the lights with my fav guy; for the record, also love a fun night at the fair with a group of friends!)

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