Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day #6: A quality handbag

Eventually, you probably need a brown, black and maybe even tan handbag.  Not a "charming charlies" find, but a good quality handbag.  Pick your most common neutral and start with that.

SIDENOTE: There is nothing wrong with a few trendy bags, BUT EVERY SASSY SINGLE 20someting NEEDS a good quality (most likely leather) handbag.

This does not have to be a designer bag, although quality designer bags can be found at a discount.  This does need to be from a good quality line (NINE WEST or HIGHER on the quality scale).  I truly think you could wear a 30 dollar outfit and wear nice shoes and a pricier bag and people think your entire outfit is worth way more than it is.  So splurge on a nice bag and it makes the value of almost every single outfit go up.

Some  current options:

  • In our family, we ask for big ticket items like purses or tory burch shoes for Christmas.  Its a mix between practical and fun.
  • If you want a TORY or KATE SPADE, get on their email list. They are always having sale. My current Kate Spade was a few hundres dollars marked down to a little over 100 last year.
  • After Christmas sales....TORY usually has items on sale plus 20-25% off those items after Christmas
  • Check out TJ MAX, MARSHALLS, etc. My roomate is great at finding quality leather bags (Michael Kors, Ninewest, Cole Hann) for a fraction of the price there. I have only once found a bag there, you have to be willing to look.
  • Nice leather purses that cost 400/500 dollars: Nine West, Cole Hann, Michael Kors ( you can find these for 75-200)
  • buy a basic color first before a fun color.  Red/yellow/blue purses are fun but only after you have the basics -- PLUS the trendy purses can be cheaper purses.

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