Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday 10-10-2012

Here are some lovely articles you should all check out:

1. I love this article about the best relationships not always having the best didn't meet on new years when your eyes caught his at a party? thats okay.  I will do a whole post on this article one day because I can so relate.  My first love was a very sweet story -- we were eachother's first kiss, first i love you, and we were getting married so we would have been the "only" in all these categories...but it ended horribly.  In fact, most of my really 'sweet beginnings' have not gone well.  Dave and I don't have a precious story (though there are precious moments and details) but we are currently going strong.  SO, I really related to this article.

The author stated: "Because it’s boring to say that things don’t work out like they do in the movies. Everyone knows that. Even 21-year-olds. But it’s hard to resist a great story. If we had lasted, we would have had one hell of a story."

But then again, love is about more than a great story right??
2. This article is about pain after sorrow (specifically miscairrage) I don't know this specific pain, although I've known pain.  I thought I'd pass it along.
3. This whole series on Sanctification is amazing so far and I can't wait to read the next installment.  Here is Sanctification through Singleness  and Sanctification through broken bodies. 

4. This article is on avoiding desperation in dating...because being too desperate never leads anywhere good.  Although i'd argue that a little neediness is good -- recognizing you need companionship and need grace when dating motivates you to give people chances.  Ironically, I find that most people I know aren't desperate (thankfully), but they are too picky.  I know many girls who want to date and talk about how others pass on men, but then they pass on men too.  No need to be desperate and settle but also no need to expect a prince.  However, if your value rests on a boy/girl's approval,  if you are dating someone you feel you need to change for or feel is leading you away from Jesus, read this article.  There has to be a middle ground between desperation and rediculous standards.  I know we are ALL trying to find it.

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  1. I read that first article yesterday and absolutely loved it. So good!

    I'm always looking for a good story for the grandkids---but when God brings you to the right person, even if it's not in some way where you get a poem on an airplane--that's the story!