Friday, October 5, 2012

Day #5: A Dress Coat

I covered the BASICS (a nice suit, cocktails dress, dress slacks or skirt, correctly fitting jeans) - now I am addressing the accessories.  And, I am doing these separately (which is probably how I should have addressed the basics...., but too late now!)

One thing I see girls doing for a few years after college sometimes is wearing a casual coat over nice dresses.  Invest in a nice mid thigh or knee length coat (off-season J Crew, Banana, Ann Taylor) in a solid color, preferably a neutral like tan, black or brown, but if most of your clothes won't clash with a gorgeous red coat, then get one of those!

Northface Coats are great with jeans, etc, but over your sunday dress, over a suit on the way to court, or out to a wedding, you will need a grownup coat.

Here are some examples:

Here's an example of a fun color, Ann Taylor

gotta love a good basic J Crew jacket

gap, black wool coat, trench style

Some tips:
  • Be ready to invest. A good coat will set you back a couple hundred dollars (atleast) but you wear them a lot for years and you don't need tons (like how you have sevral pairs of jeans!)  But its better to invest in a coat you will wear 10 years rather than buy a new cheap one every couple of years. PLUS you can find deals.
  • Buy the basics I mentioned first before splurging on a coat (unless you find one on sale of course!)
  • Check websites and stores at the end of the season: J Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, etc.  Also, a lot of times, there will be a sale on sale items, so additional discount.
  • if you need one soon, watch the websites for a few weeks. These stores always do 30, 35, 40% off  For example, that blue AT coat is 228 but it is currently 30% off which makes it approximately 160 dollars...a 70 savings, pretty good!
  • look around....  JCrew coats are my favorite, but you can find similar ones for cheaper at Ann Taylor, Department Stores, Gap, AT Loft, Banana Republic, etc.  However, J Crew does have really good end of season sales, with additional percentages off.
  • Make sure the coat is heavy enough for the climate you live in.  MY winter coat does not have to be as heavy as someone who lives in New York's winter coat.  Style is important but so is warmth!!
I also think most women need a lightweight trench coat for "blistery" days (thanks winnie the pooh for teaching me that word) -- BUT a winter coat is a primary need. Start there.

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